About us 

eThically made in Ecuador

The story of BONITA REPUBLICA is the story of Gabriela Baus, a traveler in her soul and a designer in her heart. Born and raised in Ecuador, currently living in the Netherlands, with a strong need to show to the world the beautiful and quality products made in her native Latin America. Products that enrich not only the buyers but also the artisans involved in the production. Products ethically made with respect for people and nature. Setting an independent brand is a journey, a long term plan and a dream in action.

“Highest quality products, combining modernity with craftsmanship.”

~ Gabriela Baus

BONITA REPUBLICA strives to work with sustainable long-lasting materials, while maintaining the high quality and durability of our products. 

We care to promote ethically handmade products while we create a connection between the artisans and our customers.

Through the design of timeless pieces we contribute to less waste. We believe in the balance between providing a better future for the community of artisans we work with and the environment. 

Designed with care in the Netherlands, made with love in Ecuador.

It is very important to design pieces with a soul. Pieces that people can wear them as a way of expression, pieces that transmit the pride they were created with. We are driven by an ethical compromise towards the artisans we work with. Our drive is to create connections, to be a bridge between cultures.
– Gabriela baus 

We started this journey inspired by the beauty of Ecuador!

And together with a community of artisans we bring this dream to life every day. With ethically made products that provide them with a stable income and pride in their work.

Skilled artisans creating products of outstanding quality and value, with knowledge that has been passed on through generations.